Beyond Success, Practical Mysticism – David Samuel

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David Samuel is also known as The Entrepreneur Monk, a travelling philosopher devoted to the never ending exploration of the nature of the mind.

Eliminating all negative emotions is a key factor in David’s teachings. With that comes balance and an infinite amount of energy. It is actually not a very difficult state to achieve with correct guidance.

“I am simply a person who has discovered how to live a balanced life with a full and positive experience of every moment. What I do is talk, so one may say I am a good talker. I speak only about things I have personally experienced and come from my whole being rather than from a head full of intellectually accumulated information.”

David Samuel is the best kept secret in work-life balance, EQ and behavioural psychology. Eliminating, not merely containing anger, stress and conflicts is a key to his work.

i have watched many of David’s videos and read many of his articles and feel that he has a lot of wisdom that we can all learn from