Gutsy 10 year old Hollie Steel bounces back in style after breakdown

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Hollie Steel is a schoolgirl from Accrington, England. At the age of ten, she was one of ten finalists on the Britain’s Got Talent reality show in 2009.

As you can see, i her first audition drew mostly positive comments from all of the show’s judges. In her second appearance during the semi-finals, Hollie Steel somehow got a little nervous and could not finish her song. Fortunately, she has been given a second shot at it and she managed to ace it.

Hollie then advanced to the finals and finished in sixth place. This is a truly gutsy girl with a very magical voice. If you believe in your dream and you are willing to stretch yourself and take the necessary actions to convert your dream into reality, this is what will happen. Truly amazing performance from an incredibly talented young girl!