Mindset – Les Brown

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Les Brown is one of the leading motivational speaker. In this video about Mindset, he shares with us on how to build the right Mindset. Say out loud “It’s Possible”, “It’s Possible”, “It’s Possible”. Believe that “I CAN DO IT”. Believe that you can live the life that you dream of living. Anything is possible if you believe. Nobody fail in life because they aim too high and miss. In fact, most of them aim too low and hit. So, start aiming high in life and believe that you can achieve it.

When you work on your mind and mindset development, your life will be changed. We are born into stories that we believe in. When we change the stories, our life will be changed. Believe and it will set you free. Challenge the norm and chart a path less travelled and leave your footprints there.

Your mind can be programmed for success. There is more in you than what is being reflected in your life right now. If you want to change your life, this is what you need to do:-

1.  Listen to motivational messages for at least an hour for the next 6 months and your life will be changed!

2.  Read at least 10 to 15 pages of something positive everyday. Or even better, read about 2 to 3 motivational books every week!

3.  Look at your relationship and upgrade your relationship. You earn within 2 to 3 thousand among your closest friends. If you are the smartest in your group, you need to find a new group! Who should you count on and who should you count out.

4.  Write down 1 major goal that you want to achieve on a 3×5 card and read it at least 3 times a day. Amazing things will happen and you will see your breakthrough will happen to you. You need know what is it that you are gonna do differently. You need to give up on who you have been in order to give birth to someone you want to become.

If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside will do you no harm! Someone’s opinion of you should not become your reality. You should be able to determine your own destiny.

Life is a fight for territory. And once you stop fighting for what you want and what you don’t want will automatically take over! Awesome!

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